Hotel Hilda

Our Staff

Margret Asgeirsdottir

Is the owner of Hotel Hilda since May 2015. She is a medical doctor as profession with an MBA degree and is today an active investor in Iceland. She invests mainly in the tourism industry, but also in banking, energy and health related companies.

“Everyone asks me why I do not work as a doctor and why I chose to work in the tourist industry. I simply say: I am still caring for people, now it just happens to be tourists!”


The hotel manager, her interests are in tourism and travel, languages, handcrafts, sports and music. Her favorite hobby is designing and making unique pieces of  jewelry.

Angela lived in various countries for work and studies, amongst them were Switzerland, Iceland, England and France. In each new country, she made an effort in immersing herself with local culture, learn the language, customs and traditions. She became passionate about tourism and travel and pursued her education in this field, pursuing an International Business degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from one of the most prestige hospitality schools in Switzerland, César Ritz Colleges.
In 2012 she settled in Reykjavik, learning the Icelandic language, loving the good food and all the nice restaurants in Reykjavik, she says Reykjavik is her second home. She fell in love with the nature and landscape, and spends her free time hiking in the countryside.
“After moving here I realised that there is no other place I would rather spend the summer, there is so much brightness, it fills you with so much energy! It’s amazing really!

Eliana, Jasna, Sigríður, Julieta

Are our receptionists and here is a message from them to all our visitors:
“One of the things we adore about Reykjavik and Iceland in general is the beauty and rarity of its pure silence in contrast with the life that it has to offer, festivals for all tastes, music that would touch you in the melodic cadence of the Icelandic language, humble blushed mountains to be hiked and waterfalls that stay solemnly frozen before the sun and make you think they have been replaced by others according to season, adventures colorful and pliable, for you and for all, that or simply and most wonderfully : the wisdom of a virgin landscape that truly allows you to meet with your self.”
“We love languages so wherever you come from we will be happy to learn new words and practice those we have already been acquainted with while sharing with you the majesty of the country and the warmth  of the place you will be staying.”



Monika, Karolina, Paulina, Stefanie and Magda

Are our Housekeepers, we can’t run this place without them!

They are excellent and do everything perfectly, they know every corner of the hotel and takes care of it gracefully.